Extra-yummy Updates on the AdsBridge Menu

We know how users love the generously seasoned updates served on our platform. Alright, are you hungry, guys? Be the first to have a bite of our tasty treats, prepared by the gifted AdsBridge chefs.


Organic traffic tracking

There’s a possibility to track organic traffic on a landing page without additional redirects. You can activate this feature in a few clicks.

Read our step-by-step guide here.


Updated TDS logic for links without tokens

Previously, each time the “Token1 not equal to [value]” rule was used, and the system did not get the token (i.e. the value was not just empty, it was not there at all), the traffic did not go through. Now, the absence of Token is deemed as empty value, which means you can run traffic regardless of whether there is a Token or not.



  • Extended character length for group names.
  • Fixed the bug with Daily cap during offer editing within a campaign.
  • Fixed the visual bug with targeting settings by token rule.
  • Fixed the bug with displaying tokens in the offer URL during their addition to a campaign.

Sounds delicious? Well, that was only the appetizer…

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