DMEXCO recap

An affiliate niche is rapidly evolving and there are more events are being held for offline networking. Today, the main platform for meetings, exchanging experience, and the direct deals is DMEXCO, the exposition and conference.

City & Place

The event completely absorbs Cologne and turns it into a marketing mecca of Germany. Going out, you will notice that every fifth passer-by is marked with a name and company badge, and the taxi drivers stop by to ask: “Koelnmesse?” (the place where the conference were held.)


Most of all, we were surprised by exhibition booths. Without exaggeration, they can be called masterpieces.
That’s why we came up with the idea to create a top chart of the most creative and out of ordinary exhibitors:

1. Company: KwizzAD

If you are in the age of 20 to 40 years, you couldn’t escape watching sci-fi trilogy “Back to the future”. That’s why the first place goes to…. the KwizzAD company and their time-machine stand .

2. Company: Google Inc.

Just take a look at this private two-story mansion overlooking Yandex 🙂 The creative team of artists right at the show were painting the booth’s footer. Probably, the main idea of this performance was the continuous development of company’s new technologies and open interaction with their users. We could not resist and built our own bridge, which has been helping affiliates to find the shortest route to sweet conversions.

3. Company: StartApp

Tattoo salon right inside the booth. Why not?

4. Company: Spotify

Yin Yang. Real DJ and the dance floor, at the same time the opportunity to chill and listen to your favorite playlist, just putting on headphones.

5. Company: Shazam

An image scanner that read information from any section of the stand wherever you put the camera and played random tracks.

Also worth mentioning lots of photo booths that offered to show the best moments of the show itself.

By the way, how do you like our new both’s design?

Company: AdsBridge 

The conference is really worth the attention of any marketer, private entrepreneur, and company of any scale. Here are a few reasons why you should visit DMEXCO at least once in your life.


1. A new level of exposition

Among the participants of the conference, there were such companies as Google, Yandex, LinkedIn, Shazam, AppNexus, SnapChat, IBM and of course, Facebook #bestsocialnetwork #theworsttrafficsource.

2. To be the first

Our company works only with the best: HootSuite, MailChimp, SimilarWeb, DigitalElement, AdRoll, SalesForce. And what could be better than to be the first tester of the new implementations and get early access or discount for new items ?! 😉

3. Return On Investment

Such a conference will cost you at least €20k, but this directly affects the quality of traffic, as tickets for participants start from €100. In addition, at events of this scale, there are no limits for exposure and growth of your business.
P.S. Pre-appointed meetings = 50%, or even 70% of success.

4. Reputation of the brand

The emotional appeal of your product / platform / network is a unique component, which primarily affects the choice of a potential client. This time, we took care of the AdsBridge booth visitors and were handing out warm travel blankets in the cold city of Cologne.

5. Marketing trends

There were constant discussions about artificial intelligence and new solutions in this area. The companies that were offering solutions based on AI, collected the most traffic in front of their booths. In addition to AI, there were such topics as Machine Learning and Big Data.

Increasingly, the development of crypto-currencies is gaining popularity. The potential of the new currencies, blockchain technologies also were discussed actively.

P.S. Please see the whole pack of videos from the show for free.

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