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Pay Attention to These Trends!

Now that New Year’s Day has passed, it’s time to begin thinking and planning for this year ahead. What’s trending, you ask? The AdsBridge Research Team has the answers! We’ve written some helpful tips below, and hope that they’re beneficial to you in 2017!   Quick consumption: In the world of Snapchat’s 10-second design, a…

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Retargeting Basics with AdsBridge

What is retargeting, and how can it help you increase conversion rates? Just like any internet user, you have probably seen online advertisements for items that you recently searched for. You may think that you are being watched or followed. If so, you are right! This type of marketing strategy is called retargeting.   But…

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[GUIDE]: 2 Landing Pages Within 1 Flow

While Pokemons rule the world, we keep exploring the new paths to success. Today, we prepared another hot user-case. And before it becomes mainstream just like PokemonGo, you have a chance to try and get the most out of it. Here we’ll talk about conversions increase and audience engagement. You’ll find out how to heat…

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Como criar uma oferta no AdsBridge?

AdsBridge nunca para. Estamos trabalhando mesmo durante as férias. Pare por um momento e desfrute deste guia passo a passo: “Como criar uma oferta em AdsBridge?” Vamos lá! A imagem acima mostra a interface para se configurar uma oferta no AdsBridge. O primeiro campo que você vê nas configurações de oferta é a seleção de…

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Configurar uma rede de afiliados no AdsBridge

AdsBridge preparou um novo estudo de caso para os nossos queridos afiliados. Partilhe a sua opinião e experiência com a gente, faça qualquer pergunta e talvez você a veja em nosso guia semanal do usuário. Explore e desenvolva novas habilidades com AdsBridge, ganhar mais dinheiro e mantenha-se atualizado sempre. Vamos começar com um pequeno vídeo,…

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Criando sua fonte de tráfego com AdsBridge

Olá para todos, Continuamos a publicar posts úteis relacionados com os fundamentos básicos de trabalhar com um rastreador de links ou tracker. Hoje, queremos compartilhar algumas informações de como criar e configurar suas fontes de tráfego com o AdsBridge. Além disso, vamos tentar responder às perguntas frequentes sobre tokens e macros. Com as nossas instruções…

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Create a short URL in AdsBridge

Today, we’ll talk about one of the useful features on our platform — Index page. Many of you still do not use or even know about it, thus, waste time on third-party sources for shortening links. What is Index page? This service shortens long URLs. Firstly, short links are visually more attractive and do not…

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How to save in performance marketing? There are 2 Simple Ways

Your income directly depends on effective traffic monetization. And it’s not always possible to avoid remnant traffic. Should you lose the money on it? Of course not! On AdsBridge, you can set up an alternative traffic flow with the help of a default campaign, and do not lose a penny. There are two simple ways…

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大家好,我们将持续发表关于使用我们追踪工具的基础介绍的有用文章。 今天,我们想介绍一下如何在AdsBridge设置流量源。另外,我们也会解答一些关于标记和宏的常见问题。 有了我们的详细易懂的介绍,你可以轻松地在AdsBridge添加流量源并应用到你的广告活动中。 以下截图显示我们设置你的广告需要用到的流量源的界面。 让我们看一下图中标识部分的运作原理: 1.选择模版 你可以使用各种流量平台甚至于创建你的专属流量源。不过,我们已经预置了部分流量平台供大家选择。在模版列表中我们添加了值得大家信任并且与我们有合作关系的流量平台: – ExoClick – TrafficHunt 我们还在模版里添加了最常用的流量平台,包括: – 50onRed (文字间广告, 弹窗广告, 搜索广告) – AirPush – BuzzCity – Decisive – Go2mobi – Google Adwords – InMobi – LeadBolt – MobFox – PlugRush – PopAds – Reporo – TrafficFactory – TrafficForce – TrafficJunky 如果你在常用流量源列表中找到了你需要的流量平台,你可以直接选择,所有的参数设置都会自动生成,找不到的话就需要自行设置了。 请注意:广告标记以及用于追踪的器间传递回发链接的设置并不是那么重要。如果你需要通过使用流量源的追踪标记了解流量的情况或者需要将转化情况传递到流量源,那么你可以省略该步骤直接创建广告。 2. 流量源命名 请在该空格里填充你的流量源的名称。请注意有一些字符是禁止使用的(名字不能少于三个字符,并且只可以由a-z‚ A-Z‚ 0-9‚ – ‚…

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