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[RELEASE] Flows and Split Paths Are Now Here!

With the arrival of Spring, AdsBridge functionality has begun to bloom once again. In the spirit of the fourth ‘anniversary’ of AdsBridge this April, we have added a whole new pool of features. * NEW FEATURE: Path Splitting This feature allows for split-tests to be conducted on multiple LP+Offer combinations, as well as flows with…

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Smart Link Tool Kit is Here!

+ SMART-LINK TOOLKIT + THE new trend in the affiliate marketing industry that will help you stand out from your competitors. It will come in handy for high volume media-buying teams and advertising agencies in monetizing their remnant traffic and in optimizing campaigns within one single platform. We have created an compact and easy to…

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AdsBridge Updates!

We’ve updated once again, and there are lots of new functions! Enjoy!   The possibility to add your own favicon onto your Landing Page. It will now be possible to add personal favicons within the visual and HTML Landing Page editor that will be shown upon transfer to your landing pages. In order upload your…

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Updates of the Week

AdsBridge is looking pretty good these days and we are determined to make it even better for you! Recently, we put ourselves to work on another set of improvements, and we’re happy to say we got through them all. Here you go, our latest updates: Large data download in CSV This function enables you to download large…

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[UPDATE] – Enhanced Statistic Reporting

Last time we promised to bring up some more upgrades. We always stick to our word. And here you go, another portion of AdsBridge improvements: 1. OPTIMIZATION OF STATISTICS QUERIES: Now statistic performs in half the time.  We increased the upload speed and the amount of data uploaded on the screen and in CSV. Also,…

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[UPDATE] – Top Summer Product Upgrades

As usual, AdsBridge developers continue to work on tracker’s improvements. Thanks to the air-conditioner, dozens of ice-cream scoops and water cooler, our brains are able to survive the summer heat, and so, we are ready to please you with some fresh upgrades. Here they go: 1. OVERALL FAULT TOLERANCE AND SYSTEM SECURITY IMPROVEMENTS  – the…

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NEW! Automatic Postback Setup

AdsBridge tends to simplify the life of affiliates by optimizing the system and ensuring that you spend less time on campaigns’ creation.  This week we added a new mini-feature in the “Create offer” section, namely in the postback settings block. The update in AdsBridge functionality will make the setting process easier for those who work…

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Track it easy with Mobidea & AdsBridge!

Save your time and make your work more efficient within one UI. Get it now with Mobidea and AdsBridge newly established integration. Getting started! Mobidea –  is a programmatic network for affiliate marketers. It specializes in user monetization, focused on CPA and CPI campaigns, converting users’ mobile traffic like no other. Feel free to visit their…

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New Feature: Unique Redirect Rule

Another new feature released by AdsBridge is a traffic distribution rule by uniqueness. With the help of this rule, one and the same user, depending on whether he or she passed by this campaign URL or not, will be shown one landing/offer for the first time and another landing/offer for the second time. So, you…

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