[RELEASE] Flows and Split Paths Are Now Here!

With the arrival of Spring, AdsBridge functionality has begun to bloom once again. In the spirit of the fourth ‘anniversary’ of AdsBridge this April, we have added a whole new pool of features. * NEW FEATURE: Path Splitting This feature allows for split-tests to be conducted on multiple LP+Offer combinations, as well as flows with…

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We're 4 Years Old! (4)

A Look Back: AdsBridge is 4 Years Old!

From fledgling startup to a growing company, AdsBridge is proud to say that we have reached our fourth year serving affiliate marketers, media buyers, and advertising agencies in over 160 countries! Where did we start? The idea for AdsBridge arose in 2013, when our CEO – Alex Omelyanovich was working with traffic, and realized that…

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Дизайн без названия

Useful AdsBridge Features: Hide Funnel + Hide Referrer

Have you ever wanted to hide information from prying eyes? We have the solution! Here is a small explanation of our Hide Funnel and Hide Referrer that will help clear up some of your questions. Below is a picture of wher you can find the features. They are located within the Campaign > Manage Campaigns…

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Journeys to the Green: Affiliate Success Stories

What’s Saint Patrick’s Day without a story about something green? We’re talking about money, of course.  We’ve all heard the success stories, the boasts of “how I got a six-figure salary in six months!”, and the get-rich-quick schemes and stories surrounding the performance marketing field. The inspiration fueled by these stories is well known to…

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Brand-New AdsBridge Trial

AdsBridge has a brand-new trial, and we are very excited to be sharing it with you! The most notable difference when compared to our original trial is that there will now be no limits on any of our features! You will have the opportunity to test out any and all functions within the AdsBridge system….

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7 Massive Affiliate Events of 2017

We would like to present you all with a list of this year’s most awaited events! Spoiler Alert!: We always have a few free tickets, so make sure to stay updated! THE EUROPEAN SUMMIT March 4-7, Barcelona This conference in the beautiful capital of Catalonia is one of Europe’s best. With almost 2,000 attendees, there…

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Moscow is Calling!

The new ‘sleeping giant’ (or to be more culturally appropriate, the ‘sleeping bear’) of affiliate marketing is Russia, plain and simple.  Russian affiliates have gained steamed recently, and have brought attention to the affiliate marketing in Russia as a whole. This attention has become so great that there will even be an English-language affiliate event…

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Smart Link Tool Kit is Here!

+ SMART-LINK TOOLKIT + THE new trend in the affiliate marketing industry that will help you stand out from your competitors. It will come in handy for high volume media-buying teams and advertising agencies in monetizing their remnant traffic and in optimizing campaigns within one single platform. We have created an compact and easy to…

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The Essential Affillate Toolkit is Here!

Some of the top players in the Affiliate Marketing game, Oliver Kenyon and William Souza, have just launched an all-in-one toolkit for affiliates and marketers of any level. Be you a super affiliate or a newbie just starting out, the AffKit is bound to turn your campaigns around. AffKit works with any form of marketing….

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Super Bowl Facts!

AdsBridge Fans! It’s that time of year again. The largest sporting event and most watched television event in The United States is finally here! With an average television audience of over 100 million, you could say that the Super Bowl is a very American holiday. As with all holidays, the AdsBridge family wants to wish…

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