How to save in performance marketing? There are 2 Simple Ways

Your income directly depends on the effective traffic monetization. And it’s not always possible to avoid the remnant traffic. Should you lose the money on it? Sure, not! On AdsBridge, you can set up an alternative traffic flow with the help of a default campaign, and do not lose a penny. There are two simple…

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NEW! Automatic Postback Setup

AdsBridge tends to simplify the life of affiliates by optimizing the system and ensuring that you spend less time on campaigns’ creation.  This week we added a new mini-feature in the “Create offer” section, namely in the postback settings block. The update in AdsBridge functionality will make the setting process easier for those who work…

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Google Analytics VS Tracker. What to choose?

When talking about online marketing, the incoming traffic data is very important information to be evaluated. Essentially, knowing your consumers’ needs is one thing, but understanding their online behavior and keeping them involved with your service or product is another. And this is exactly why performance marketing can’t go without custom-built tracking tools and platforms…

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Track it easy with Mobidea & AdsBridge!

Save your time and make your work more efficient within one UI. Get it now with Mobidea and AdsBridge newly established integration. Getting started! Mobidea –  is a programmatic network for affiliate marketers. It specializes in user monetization, focused on CPA and CPI campaigns, converting users’ mobile traffic like no other. Feel free to visit their…

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dig raves

Newly integrated affiliate network DigitalRaves. Take your advantage!

Hey, AdsBridge mates. We have great news for you. For you convenience we integrated with the most popular affiliate network – DigitalRaves. Benefits: The postback in AdsBridge system will be generated automatically in a few seconds. NEW FEATURE! The postback will be automatically sent to your affiliate network from AdsBridge system by clicking on the button…

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How to set up a bot trap within one campaign?

The latest STM forum post on how to bot test campaigns has inspired us to bring up this issue on our blog. Please check it out here! And today, we want to talk about the ways of how to deal with bots on AdsBridge. Any affiliate would want to get only clean traffic. Unfortunately, the ground…

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ExpertMobi Affiliate Program Review

Let us introduce ExpertMobi, the international affiliate network focused on mobile traffic, subscriptions, Android and IOS installs. There are several hundreds of Pin Submit offers for various Geo’s here (you can find offers for whatever Geo you need), with the detailed description of each offer. Though it is not possible to set up traffic-back link….

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How to Make More Money with Automatic Campaign Optimization?

As you may know, the Automatic Campaign Optimization is a unique feature that was first introduced on AdsBridge platform. It’s been launched and running for quite some time, however, we still receive questions like: “What benefits it gives?”, “Why affiliates need it?”, and “How it works?” When we came up with an idea to create…

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Meet our new partner: Addiliate.com

We are glad to introduce you to our new partner Addiliate, a Global Performance Marketing Network where you can find campaigns that can generate conversions all over the world. This new partnership will bring you a great option to convert your traffic into profit. Addiliate is developed in-house by Clicktron Media, a performance based media…

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AdsBridge Online Radio – Enjoy Music While Tracking!

Brighten up your daily tracking with a nice and relaxed music! We are more than excited to announce the release of a new Cool Add-On – AdsBridge Online Radio — months passed since the idea has been up in the air and finally we accomplished it! Scientists say that a deliberately chosen music in your…

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